Entrepreneur wish to have more than 24 hours a day.. They need wear multiple hats and work on different things like run meeting, strategies business plans, run and monitor marketing campaigns, plan budgets, look after sales, network etc

Most important resources which entrepreneurs run short of is time.. Time is gold.

Maximize productivity with every minute

Make a list of thing that’s needs work on
Use 80/20 principle when allocating time, which means allocate your 20 percent of your time on task which gives 80 percent results.. One can use popular Google calendar to make a list of tasks

Being self aware
What I mean here is get to know your self whether you feel energetic and more alive early in the morning or late at night.. I work best late nights.. And schedule heavy lifting task at that time

Try to cut down distraction
In modern world we are constantly bombarded with distraction.. May be buzzing cell phone, call from old friend, casual chat with a colleague.. Shut all this and keep a time for yourself and get the most work done..

Learning to say no
As difficult as it’s sounds at early stage startups.. Learning to say no to things which don’t get maximum productivity in less time. Say no to things which don’t accomplish needed tasks

Get an assistant
If it’s feasible get a assistant who runs your calendar and do most routine works themselves which eats up your time..

Another important thing when it’s comes to time management and productivity is delegating works to competent others and not to micro manage.Trying to do all work yourself would not be possible also you may get burn out..

Schedule time to unwind and relax from work.. Downtime is crucial as a entrepreneurs. May be watch TV, listening relaxing jazz etc.. This allows you to be relaxed and can concentrate on the work in hand..

Sleep time
Much talked about topic.. Many rich people don’t sleep 8 hours a day.. The things is consider sleep as a investment.Sleeping 8 hours a good time management, again be self aware about sleeping patter if you can work well without 8 hours of sleep go ahead..

Recording time
Record the time spent on each activity on notebook or mobile and assess whether time is spent judiciously and try to eliminate task which don’t yield maximum productivity

Work smart
Gone are the days when people used to work long hours just to do repetitive task.. Thanks to internet and technology you can work smart by automating the task.There are many software which can help you with automation