Let your products and services make a difference
Nobody cares about your product or service.. They all care about what’s in it for them.. So share benefits as to what your products or services offers

Share your why
Why your products better than competitors.. Why your products are costlier etc.. By sharing your why .Your customers will be inclined to buy from you if it resonate with them.People do business with people they like and believe what you believe

Never talk about price first
When you have called prospect for first time or meeting with them.. Never sell, as stupid as its sounds.. Try to understand their problems and share them solution your product offers at later stages

Follow up
One of the thing many business would fail to do is follow up.. Follow up on prospects in 3 days time or may be weeks time.

Try to put yourself in customer shoe
When it comes to selling try to do from the point of customer.. This way you address their problems and complaints in much easier way. Try to listen as to how you sound and keep improvising

Story telling is key in sales. Try to dramatize your products and tell stories.. We humans love to hear stories and this way we connect to customers more deeply

Dont try to jump on call without knowing about prospect. Try to know about prospect so that you can be informed about their challenges and problems and offer solutions

Use sales scripts
Using pre generated sales scripts at initials stages of business is OK.. But try to script your own messages or get the helps of professional to draft you a copy at later stage of your company

Be prepared to get a no and try to turn it to YES by answering to all your customers complaints

Create a sense of urgency
This can be done by giving discounts for a fixed time period so that prospects convert into sales

ABC.. always be closing.. Try to set aside time for prospecting and try to be closing much of your time