In the entrepreneurs journey there comes a time where founders need money to expand business or grow(scale) and sustain etc. Some prefer Bootstrapping some other go for venture capital, angels investor etc

Here are the few tips to pitch successful

Have a short and on to point presentations
As said First impressions is last.. How well you present yourself initially goes long way in how investor feel about you and your business.. Many investors invest based on how good the founder(s) are more than idea.. because if founders are good they can whether any challenges..

Be a story teller
Make your presentation into story.. It is scientifically proven story telling captures listener attention.. Let the presentation story be short and on point.. Try not to rant as it would bore investor and it is a bad use of time.. Use data(numbers) sparingly.. Too much data confuses Investor

Explain what your products or services are
Share with investors what problems your products or services solve of the target audience.. Share your unique selling point (do you have a patent etc) this make investors feel more confident .. Share them the benefits end user gets..
If it’s a physical product hand out samples to Investor, make them get a look and feel of product, packaging etc

Share your why
This is utmost important when it comes to getting investor on board.. Share the why of your company, the values, beliefs etc why is your product better than competitors, why your product or service priced at that point, why are you valuing your company at the said amount(Investor usually take a dig at it), why would you like to get investor on board, how can they add value etc

Be clear about who your target audience are
Present clearly who your target customers are whether if it serves a wide audience or niche market.. Use both demographic and Psycho graphics metrics
Age, gender, occupation, Income level,

Habits, hobbies, values and beliefs, spending habits etc

Share your sales data..
This gets all ears.. Sharing your Sales figures of past will prove your business to be successful(if you have gotten sales) , has proof of concept or Traction.. Based on the sales figure some investors agree on the valuation founders have asked for ..

Explain the revenue model
Investor are curious to know how you generate revenue.. No body wants to invest in a company without clear revenue generation model.. After all its Investors hard earned money.. So explain clearly how you generate revenue..

Customer acquisition strategy
State clearly your plan on customer acquisition.. how much money do you need to spend on acquiring customers.. do you prefer only online selling or do you prefer to put store front or both can investor help you on this

Try to practice your pitch many times before pitching to investors

Be good with numbers.. Numbers don’t lie
Many entrepreneurs or founder don’t take this seriously.. Share numbers(data) to Investor.. Sales so far.. Profits made.. Cost of customer acquisition, breakeven time frame.. What you plan to do with investors money.. How much share of company or equity you are willing to give(to Investors) and why Etc

Share your exit strategy
This may not be much important at initial stages but some investors like to know what the founders exit strategy is..