Wonder why some people achieve so much in very less time?? And other can’t!! ..
Working on tasks which are not of priority (important) .. Or getting distracted easily.. Ping, buzz, call etc

In a world where attention is taken over by so many things.. It’s hard to focus on work or goals without proper time management plan

Here is the popular time management technique called Pomodoro technique.
This technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in late 1980s.. Pomodoro is Italian for tomato – the technique originally started with kitchen timers shaped like a tomato.

How does this work
Select the task or work that needs to be done
Set the timer for 25 min and start to work
At the end of 25 min when the timer goes off take 5 min break.. Make a note of each session with a mark..
Repeat this 4 times.. After that take 15 to 20 min break..
Repeat the entire process again

The goal here is to focus on task without
. If there is any interruption based on the requirements, it must be postponed or dealt with by stopping the pomodoro and restarted after that..

The benefit of this technique is focus on important tasks without interruptions and take breaks after each session.. This gives much needed time to refresh.. And keeps mind sharp and creativePrevents burnout..

Apps that can be used for Android
1.pomodoro timer lite 2.Focus to do:pomodoro timer and to do list

Apps for Apple(ios)

Some website