We all want to enjoy most of the time by traveling or with friends or family.. Some of us want to work more hours on business or job and make big success..

But we all have 24 hours in a day.. Some of us manage it very well and achieve success that others can’t even dream of..

Money can be made but you cannot create more time..

Many people wonder how to balance between various activities that take up their time

Here are few tips on striking a good work life balance

1.Find your passion
This is one of the biggest steps in managing time well.. Some of us wants to build huge company and make big buck by spending most of the time doing so.. Other wants to spend time by practicing guitar etc.. Working on passion is one of the best ways to managing time well

2.Down time
Take time off after prolonged work.. This improves creativity and problem solving capacity which are very essential for working on our goals or passion
Ex:watching TV, listening to music etc

3.Family and friendship time
Spend some quality time daily or few days once with family and friends.. May be scheduling a dinner time with family or friends .. Shopping time .. Going to movie etc.. Good quality time builds and deepness the relationship.. This is very much needed as we are social beings

Taking vacation at times renews you mentally and physically.. After all We work hard so that we can go for exotic vacation in Hawaii or some beach in Thailand..
With proper planning and delegation work to others.. We can get uninterrupted time off.. According to studies taking vacation improves productivity, reduces stress and contributed to over all health..

Using technology to our advantage that is apps and software to take of our work load and perform automatically..
Ex:scheduling social media to post at specified time.. Software like auto fill saves time.. Customer support bot is the thing of future.. Various software help coordinate between workers and schedule meeting

Some time spent exercise daily is like a investment.. Spending at least 30 min daily or if possible 10k steps which is recommended is great practice .. Alternate between sitting and standing time at work
Getting good exercise contributes to over all health.. So as getting good sleep time is crucial.. Depending on individual sleep pattern, sleep 8 hours or less