Why teams? We all know, no one person can do all tasks.. Back in the cave men times people used to live together to defend themselves from wild animals and hunt for food.. So it’s deeply rooted in us biologically and socially to form into teams and build communities..

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are constantly challenged to find talented people for the job(to be in their team) .. They also find it challenging to retain them..

Here are few tips on building effective team:

1.Hire what you lack
Always hire people with skills which are complementary to your skills.. If you are good at coding hire someone good with marketing or sales skills.. Team is most effective when each person brings their unique talent onto the table

2. Define the roles of each member
After hiring people with different skills set.. It’s now time to define their roles (duties and responsibilities).. Employees must be aware of big picture or companies goals so that they can position themselves better.. Each person is answerable to their supervisors.. And also must complete the task in specified time..

3. Effective communication
Many business fail due to bad team performance which is either bad hiring or poor communication.. Having a clear communication between Co worker and supervisor is of utmost importance.. Let everyone have their say ..Taking time to train employees to build up effective communication is investment in long run.. This solves team conflicts..

4.Review and Feedback
Supervisors(leader) after reviewing the works of employees should point out both positive and negative aspects.. Appreciating every member of the team for positives that has been working and highlighting employees who have worked exceptionally well (everybody loves recognition) and to give constructive criticism(pointing out things that didn’t work) steps to improve on the negatives

5.Take time off to celebrate goals achieved by the team..

6.Spend both outdoor and indoor activities, say hiking, video games etc to boost team bonding.. Few months ago I attended a event where all participants was asked to form into to teams and perform a task, our team lost but I made 5 new friends which would not be the case other wise