Time management is very crucial.. Min wasted on unproductive is like money lost or opportunity lost.. With lot of balls in air we constantly juggle between various activities.. We need to stream line the process and get more done.. We all want more hours in a day but sadly we all have 24hours.. With right planning we can achieve more

Here is technique i use all the time.. In fact many of us use.. We all text : get this done asap… Call me asap.. Share the report with the team asap.. Decide on that asap(share some examples) .. If we use this asap on all the work we do we get accomplished lot of stuff lot quicker.. By prioritizing the task which are important and constantly attaching asap we end procrastination and get more done.. It creates a sense of urgency..

Always create a sense of urgency but don’t panic as you hit deadline

As an entrepreneur by creating a culture of asap at office and with external clients we get things done quickly.. Ex just add the word asap to Co worker on all correspondence .. This also helps in beating competition, improved slaes, bascially all operation gets done at earliest time ..for ex with stiff and cut throat competition.. Startups taking quick decisions and acting on it quickly will make the cut…or be step ahead

So implement this technique of asap and get more done

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