Corona virus changed the world as we know it.. It brought us to grinding halt..
From school children bustling with energy to old people at home..
Many Businesses are shut and employee are fired.. As we feared 2020 would be year where recession hits. It came true.. Stats and figures of corona virus looks scary.. But equally strong is our sense of unity among people and innovative thinking to find new ways of doing things and coming out more strong than before

As said not the strong who would survive but only the best adaptable to environment will..

So the businesses and people who would adapt new situation will survive and thrive.

Here how new environment will be

1.Race for cure or vaccine..
Technology will play crucial role.. Artificial intelligence (AI) may play leading role in finding cure.. Medical research along with AI to predict next epidemic

2.UV sticks(relatively new technology may become popular) . sanitization of toilets everywhere,Public places like airports, railway station, restaurants, hotels etc

3.Specialized Cleaning startups will emerge..
Ex: Like dish washing at restaurants and hotel etc so that plates and glasses are virus free..
Spraying of Disinfectant at airports, railway station, office spaces, hospital etc

4.I did a informal survey among my friends and contacts to my surprise many said work can be done from home.. So Remote working will be the new norm and grow in years to come.. This saves traffic woes, fuel and commute time of workers

5.Companies will down size work force(as this would cut cost from renting out big office spaces to payroll of employee) and keep limited staff(key staff) .. Rest of work is outsourced.. Most likely freelance hiring based on need..(this is based on article by my friend)

More people will rely on internet for work

6.Similarly more students will use internet for studying. Schools and college(universities) are fast adapting to online classes.. My dad is professor at engineering college, he says according new norm that 40% of classes should be conducted online… Online learning places like udemy, Coursera will boom and more similar will emerge..

7.Technologies like AR VR(augmented reality and virtual reality) will boom.. Especially in traveling industry touring around the world at the comfort of home. experiential learning for students right from schooling to college … Retail industry will be benefited by the above technology.. Will offer enhanced customer experience.