Some are rich. Some are poor. But we all have exactly equal time.. 24hours a day.. Those who are rich have mastered the effective use of time..

I am kinda obsessed with getting more done in less time..

In this rapidly growing world, Getting more done in less time is very crucial to success.. Be it employees at office or entrepreneurs or student who is prepping hard to getting A

Here is a quote “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
― Harvey MacKay

Here are some of the tips for getting more done in less time

1.Energy audit
Some are alert and have more energy in morning (5 am club) some others have more energy during end of the day(night owl).. So do energy audit and be aware about this.. I preferable do focused tasks during latter part of day as I am night owl!

As a entrepreneur trying to do all tasks not only causes stress and poor use of time which results less quality of work.. Instead hire people who compliment your skills..
Ex:If you are good at technical skills.. Hire someone with good sales skills.. Also by
Delegating you get work done by people with competent skills meaning work done by professionals..

3.80/20 rule
We all have heard this many times.. We get 80 percent results from 20 percent tasks.. So by listing and focusing on tasks which give 80 percent results and eliminating or reducing others..
Ex:Avoiding meetings with people who aren’t adding much value.. Or adding to bottom line..

4.Parkinson’s law
This is another important tip.. Parkinson’s law states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.. This means if we give ourselves time to complete the task in week time which can be completed in few hours.. We will then take week time to complete task either by procrastination or focusing on unnecessary details..
Best way is to complete the important task at the earliest..

5.Cut back in email time.. Allot some parts of the day to read and reply back to emails.. May be around 11 am and around 6 pm. Constantly reading and replying back emails as it buzz is distracting and bad use of time..(kills productivity)

6.Time batching or task batching
This means grouping similar tasks together and setting time to work on them until it’s complete or done till pre allotted level..
Ex: checking emails and replying back, making phone calls to relevant people at one particular time
Another example is instead of doing laundry everyday.. Schedule it on weekend..

7.Planning your day improves clarity and get much done.. This reduces stress, improves productivity.. Wandering around time is greatly reduced by planning a day in advance.. It also helps in focusing on tasks which are important!

8.Listening to upbeat music elevates mood and gets more done

9.Take breaks in between work which greatly increases productivity as our brains can’t focus for long period of time..
Ex:Use Pomodoro technique

10.Getting good 8 hours sleep is not only healthy also improves productivity.. Some can work well with less than 8 hours sleep so take stock of it