We all know we need to eat healthy yet we eat delicious tasting chocolate cake end up ruining our fitness goals.. It’s ok a have cheat day.. But sadly many of us can’t stick to our goals.. Due to lack of motivation or lack of better way to eat healthy … In our daily hustle we tend to ignore eating healthy because we don’t have time to make.. I began thinking for a solution how about new startups or business solving this problem

1.Set up healthy fast food joints at airports, railway station, tourist places, places where there are lot of foot falls, also at office places, schools and colleges etc.. This way people can eat healthy no matter where they are

2.Set up subscription based delivery of healthy fast food.. To the place of work, home, college or schools

3.Exercise buddy or trainer coming to place of our convenience.. . Get us to work and keep our fitness goals.. May be have a routine exercise breaks at office where employees get to work and motivate each other.. Money spent in this by companies will pay divided in long run. Also companies can give extended week of holiday for employees who are eating healthy and keeping fit by exercising.. This motivates many employees for the same..

4.This is the best solution.. Making healthy foods tasty.. We all crave delicious cheese pasta because of taste.. So if we can make veggies taste good by adding sauce made out of healthy ingredients all of us would eat it

5.Gamifying eating healthy by creating competition and giving some rewards,may be money or coupons to movie, or a Europe trip or car etc

6.Coaching and setting up of healthy eating at schools and colleges so that kids growing up have developed mindset to eat healthy and exercise.

7.Setting up of cloud kitchen platform where person x cooks healthy food and business can take orders and delivery the same to customers.. Making sure food was cooked in clean and hygienic way