We all love to travel! won’t we? One of the reasons we work so hard is that we can go on a exotic vacation with family or friends!! From discovering new place, people, culture, food and forming good memories.. For some of us it’s the part of daily grind meaning travelers or people who travel more or full time..

As we begin exploring new places we feel the need to be with tour guide to get to know place better(history, facts etc) and make the most for our buck and time.. Of course some people prefer to explore by themselves!!

Few years ago I had been to Dubai on a vacation with my family..We had a fantastic time(with food, places) .. From global village to Dubai mall to burj khalifa and many other place was taken around by my cousin he was just 16

Thus born new idea

How about making it gig economy where startups create a platform where any person preferably local from the place be hired on hourly basis or per trip basis by tourists..

This helps in few ways..
Students, people looking for side hustle, retired people can make money.. Even Unemployed people . Some even can dedicate more time and make full time income

Tourist can get to know places well since it’s been shown around by local or competent people who knows nitty gritty of the place..

Tour customization can be made as per individual liking and preference

As far as authenticity of tour guide is concerned
Process can be set in place where people who registered as guides share their knowledge about the place along with picture and resources of previous travels.. People get to vote or review them..

In the bigger picture this provides job opportunities and contributing to whole economy