We all have been guilty of this at least few times..This is popular in entrepreneurial world
What this means is grass on other side of fence looks greener..

I’ll tell you story about my friend who did this
He completed graduation in business and finance.. He decided to start a business(be entrepreneur)
He kept ideating ideas after ideas in search of better idea or the best idea ..None of his ideas saw the light of day.. None of which he executed..Few months pass by his friend shared his success story in clothing and t shirt business.. He decided to do so,He did for 3 months,he didn’t find the success he wished for.. Later he attended his family get together, One of his cousins was crushing it with app development and coding.. So he started with app development for 4 months.. few months later.. He found out good money can be made in trading stocks and investing .. He tried this for few months

This is classic example of shiny object syndrome. He never found success in any!

Many people jump from one thing to another(idea to idea) in hopes of making overnight success or quick buck.

But there is no overnight success.. All overnight success is 10 years away with hard work, smart work, patience and dedication

So my solution to shiny object is to find your thing work hard, work smart,have patience and make your thing shiny 🙂