We all want customers coming through our doors and buy lots of stuff we sell don’t we?

After finding a winning or profitable idea your role as a entrepreneur is to market it and find customers.

Here are few ways of finding customer(s) and keep the ball rolling and making it into big business or scaling it

1.Start by asking your friends and family
Talk about your product or service to friends or family,(don’t be salesy or spammy) the people they know,(friends of friends) may be you have already shared your product idea with them as a market survey or validation.. They are your initial customers.. It grows from there..
Ex: one of my friends decided to start wedding photography business he asked many of us.. He found 2 of them are willing to hire him(initial customers)

2.Dont put most of your savings money employing sales people and renting fancy office
Some of them make this mistake.. It’s better to start slow,meaning not to invest in employing professionals sales staff initially.. What best can be done here is hiring virtual sales assistant or remote staff at very reasonable rate (usually they work on hour basis or contract basis).. This way you ensure work done by professional and you don’t have to do all the tasks by your self. This helps with finding customers and increase in sales..

3.As said ask your “why” meaning what problems your product or service solves for your target market
Make a list of potential customers and ask what pain points or problems they have and make sure your product or services solves them .. This helps you get a clear picture of target audience and chart out ways to find them or attract them.

4.Ask a referral
This is more of extension of first point
Ask friends, family or colleagues, acquaintance etc to share about your product or service with people they know.. This is the best way initially to find first set of customers.. (relatively cost effective way of marketing ) May be give discount to new customers which are being referred to you by family and friends

4.After you Win the first few customers
Get testimonials or reviews about your product or serviceā€¦ Preferably video reviews.. This builds momentum as you get more favorable reviews.. This also helps you by listening to them and improvise your business

6.As stats suggest video is becoming very popular 85% of internet user in USA watched online video per month(source:oberlo.com) try incorporating video as a marketing strategy.. This has good impact.. As discussed earlier hire a freelancer to shoot and edit videos for your business

7.make use of Social media Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc
Saving best for the last this is the golden opportunity in this digital age..
Making use of Facebook by constantly updating about your business, joining similar groups ,creating page and talking about products or services.This is great way initially and also in long term strategy of finding customers.. This builds momentum. As you find success you may hire professional digital marketing agency to manage your social media pages

Using relevant hashtags,this applies to all social media Facebook,Twitter Instagram,Pinterest etc.. This helps attract targeted audience for your business

Simialry Twitter is a great tool to share about your product or services.. It’s also best to keep a watch or eye on trending topics and get to know about what markets wants and improvise on products and services

Marketing is huge topics what shared here is tip of iceberg strategy for businesses in general.. Keep a watch on this blog to learn more in future