1.OYO is merging its hotel business and rental venture (the OYO life) in Japan.. It’s now called OYO Japan!!
OYO launched in Japan back in 2019,It’s OYO life rental apartment business!!
OYO in Japan is looking to cut cost due to of coronavirus..
Ritesh Agarwal, CEO and Founder of OYO said “Japan was fast emerging as one the most popular Asian tourist destinations, and that the team sees this as big opportunity”

Source :www.businessinsider.in
Source :www.yourstory.com

2.India lags in data science skills, fares better on business and technology skills


3.Earning tens of lakhs a month
Here is a story of Chennai women named Kripa Dharmaraj. Her journey as IT professional to home maker and now as a CEO.. And how she earns upto 45 lakhs per month..
Her business idea Maghi Cookery’s Lunchbox (MC’s Lunchbox) came in when she herself faced the issue every parents would face of providing right nutrition to their child..


4.Despite covid-19, major Indian information technology (IT) companies reported strong growth in digital business
Digital business means technologies like cloud, mobility, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and cyber security..