I will do it tomorrow!! We got plenty of time.. I’ll do it some time later!! Putting off to some time in future!! Most of the average people and under achievers will do this a lot or have this behavior..

What make people successful or achieve success is taking action or doing it quickly and learning if they fail.. They see failure as a stepping stone as success..

Procrastination is habit of putting off things to sometime in future and do tasks which are easy, familiar and pleasurable!!
Ex :watching TV, browsing social media etc

So what causes people to procrastinate and how to overcome!!

1.Fear of failure
We put off task if we are not confident enough that we will be successful..

2.Lack of clear goals
If we don’t have clear goals with action steps we tend to procrastinate
Boss says let’s increase sales for next quarter.. Unless that is charted into actionable steps that teams can take, they tend to put it off

If we are not passionate about the work we do, we tend to procrastinate because we aren’t enjoying the work we do

Some of us set very high standards for ourselves and keep putting off since they don’t meet the standards..

5.Instant gratification
Usually people who procrastinate think in short terms.. Seek instant gratification.. They lack the discipline and motivation.. So they will put off task that requires you to work hard to get rewards some time in future..
putting off until till deadline..
My cousin used to put off doing school home work until its due the next day,he used to play until the panic of deadline hits

6.Boring tasks like walking, running, doing laundry, washing dishes, commuting etc

Some of the tips to overcome :
1. Overcoming fear of failure by visualizing that you are already successful, affirmations and positive self talk also helps!!
Ex :you have a presentation to make instead of putting it off until deadline.. Try visualize about presentation going well with every small detail, and do it. This ends procrastinating behavior .. More on this later!!

2.Having crystal clear goals and steps to achieve them ends procrastination
Ex:Boost our client retention rate by 25 percent in six months by conducting a campaign to listening to customers feedback and learn where to add value

3.Find passion
As shared above finding passion is key to productivity and end to procrastination!!
One of my friends passion is music.. She sings, practice and make YouTube most of the time..
As said “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
Steve Jobs

4.Have a accountability buddy
Find a friend or family member or join a mastermind, or neighbor to be your accountability buddy share your goals with a dead line.. This motivates you to achieve your goals much faster!!
Ex:when you decide to lose weight, you find accountability buddy.. Chances are both of you find success at earliest as you are competing..

Pearson’s Lawwhen performance is measured, it improves; when performance is measured and reported, it improves exponentially.

5.Learn to delay gratification and develop self control
Ability to put things off which are of some pleasure and fun like watching TV or YouTube or social media to completing sales report that is due at office.. Later does good in long term and much more pleasurable and satisfying!!
Studies show delayed gratification is key factor of successful people.. Which improves all aspect of their life..

6.Surround with achievers
By surroundings with high achievers your perspective and mindset shifts to working hard and doing complex things, there by you end procrastination behavior

7.Perfection is in the journey, meaning each passing day strive hard to get better at what you do, as said by Voltaire, the French writer, “The best is the enemy of the good.”
Have a mindset to strive for doing better or giving all you have instead of setting unrealistic high standards which causes us to procrastinate

8.Listening to songs or audio book while doing boring task like walking, running, doing dishes,or commuting etc Will help you do it, as you are excited to listen to music or the audio book, which end procrastinating behavior