You spilled cookies crumbs, you see line of ants around it!! Its no surprise!! You see ants are small creatures but one can learn big lesson from them especially entrepreneurs!!

Here are the few lesson entrepreneurs can learn from ants:

1.Team work
Ants works in team.. We have heard many times, if you want to go fast go alone, But if you want to go far go together!! Ants are perfect embodiment of this!!
As entrepreneur we need to learn this quality from ants.. To succeed as a entrepreneur team work is of at most importance!!

Ants cooperate with each other to get the job done!! Which is to find the food and bring back to Colony!! Each ants happily accepts its role and works on it… As a entrepreneur we need to instill a sense of cooperation among employees to get the work done which are assigned to them..

3.Purpose or passion
What is my passion and purpose in life? Many people struggle to find this initially!! But once you find it life will be more fulfilling.. Ants are motivated by the purpose of finding and storing food for winter and rainy season!! They work all summer for this
As a entrepreneur it’s very important to stick to purpose.. The famous why you do what you do or why you started the business and keep working at it.. And not to forgo or take action which aren’t aligned with your why or purpose(why) of the company for quick win!!

Spill a water droplet or obstacle in the line of ants they find other way to food .. They never quit!! This shows adaptability .. As a entrepreneur adaptability is the game The business or startups which are highly adaptable to present needs of customers, adapting to new technology etc are the once that are gonna make it(Become successful!!) At present small businesses that adapt to current situation is by going online,partially opening the business,among many other things are going to make it through covid and bounce back strongly post covid

5.Long term planning or future planning
Ants always work for storing enough food in their Colonies to last entire winter and rainy season.. This shows ants ability for long term planning or planning for future
As a entrepreneur having a birds eye view of the future (market conditions, competition, employees markets, technology, economy etc) is utmost crucial for success of company!! Entrepreneurs by thinking or planning about futures can handle and steer startups in proper direction avoiding obstacles that comes

6.Good communication
Ants are known for open and honest communication between leader ant and workers ants regarding food sources etc.. As a entrepreneur having open and honest communication with employees and other stake holders is very crucial to the success of the business..