As many of us in the trend of starting some thing big, make lot of money, go of to exotic vacation and chasing entrepreneurial dreams.. Some of them live big only on paper. Meaning they are just planners, never take action or make it real

Let’s looks at the meaning of who are Entrepreneur and Wantrepreneur

Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is someone who designs, launches, and runs a new business

A person who aspires to be an entrepreneur, especially one who never realizes this ambition

Here are some of the difference between entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneur

1.Entrepreneur plans or come up with a idea and move on to take action immediately.. While Wantrepreneur keep making idea for months without finalizing or take action.

2 Entrepreneurs is one who accepts there may be failures and sets backs.. And learns from each of them and improvises.. While Wantrepreneur is not comfortable failing. One of the reason could be financial security, their personal image in the society and many others

3.Entrepreneurs chase or work for passion and market potential in their products or services, of course money is the by product for which we all work for. Wanterpreneur works only for money or to get rich, Wantrepreneur chase what appears to be shiny object !! Lack of motivation or wrong focus ..Good example is my friend who kept ideating for months to find million dollar idea and never took action..”Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless” Mary Kay Ash..

4.Entrepreneurs are go getter. They work hard to get what they need for startup or business.. May be finding the right talent for the company. or find right partners. Or venture capital or angel investors etc.. While Wantrepreneur expects someone else to bat for them and give it to them.They are more dependent on others ..

5.Entrepreneurs take calculated risks and win/lose based on the turn of events.. While Wantrepreneur are one who don’t take any risk. They want more of security

6.Entrepreneurs sacrifice on other things and focus /willing to put 80 hours a week building their dream business.. While Wantrepreneurs wants the best of everything and not willing to sacrifice and ultimately fail..

7.Entrepreneurs find or create a good environment or support system to pursue their endeavor. While Wantrepreneur don’t find support or necessary environment