We all wish to be some one famous right?
Beach vacation, cars, jewelry, Europe trip.. And what not??
Well you can be if you have the discipline to work smart and hard on consistent basis… More on that later!!!

Lets dive into who are influencer, what is influencer marketing and how you can take advantage of it. Especially if you are a business owner and brands !!

Who are influencer ?
Influencer are people who have developed large following on social media channel and has developed notability(authority in particular industry or niche)Instagram has led to rise of influencer..

What is influencer marketing ?
Influencer marketing is type of digital marketing where influencers endorse or promote products and services of business and other brands to their followers

This works because influencer has developed fame(large followers) and authority(experts knowledge) in a particular niche or industry !! And they are trusted by their loyal followers!! It also acts as a social proof

How businesses and brands are going to benefit?

Here are some of the ways business and brands benefit

1.Improves brand awareness
2.Builds trust and authenticity of products and services (more credibility)
3.Broader reach and showcase of products and services (drives traffic)
4. Improves lead generation 5.Builds and improves customer relationship . 6.Improves conversion ratio by target specific audience, meaning improved sales. 7. Boost SEO and link building. 8. Improves overall content marketing strategy 9.If done in right way it saves money.. Compared to traditional advertising

Some of the types of influencer

Nano influencer have 5000 or less followers on instagram

Micro influencers have 5000 to 100000 followers on instagram

Macro influencer have 100000 to 500000 followers on instagram

Mega influencer have 500000 to 5000000 followers on instagram

Celebrity have influencers have more than 5000000


How to find right influencers?

So the next question is finding influencer
1.There are platforms, which provide service of connecting you to influencer across various industries, niches etc.. That suits well with your brand…

2.Another way is influencer marketing agency..
They will help brands find right influencer, consult, train entrepreneurs,business owners, brands about influencer marketing, helps brands with strategizing their campaign for better results

Some of the factors to consider while finding influencer

1.Asking the great questions.. The “why” Why is your brand using influencer
Is it for lead generation or brand awareness etc getting to know the why and get clarity goes long way

2.finding influencer with in your industry or niche

3.Find influencers who has your target audience or market

4.As said what you measure grows. Measure the results of influencer campaign by tracking KPI (key performance indicators)

Measuring the campaign
Some of the common ways to measure campaigns are:
1.Return on investment
2. Track engagement .

3.Track impressions
4. Track conversion (meaning traffic to sales)
5. Track revenue
6. Track followers and many other indicators

So how much does influencer charge?

Based on the report
Facebook influencer charge $25 per 1000 followers
Instagram influencers charge $10 per 1000 followers

So Find a suitable influencer and grow your business or brand