One thing that comes to mind when we think of entrepreneurship as a career is the roller coaster ride through highs and lows..Some days you feel like you are on top of world, next day business partner comes up with a problem which feels like “how am I going to solve that?” The risk or uncertainty that idea we are pursuing will make money or not? Will we attract many buyers or can we scale up?

It’s not glamours as it looks like!!

One needs to have high threshold of pain tolerance or being uncomfortable with many things.. It’s not the career for weak minded.

Here are few fear entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them

Before beginning the discussion, I would like to quote “Cave you fear to enter hold the treasure you seek” Joseph Campbell

1.Fear of failure
One of the big fear new entrepreneurs face is fear of failure.. They think it’s(failure) the end.. Failure is bad agreed but instead of giving up or beating oneself down try learn the lesson from it.. If we look at it many big business people have failed badly,but what made successful is perseverance and learning from each of those failure and improvising their products and services

2.Fear of what family, friends and society think
Society is conditioned for familiarity or typical career such as engineers, doctor, lawyers, accountant etc if someone tries something new it’s typically that they get bad responses or spoken ill of
Ex:One of my friends started baking business except her parents all her family and some of friends spoke badly about the career choice she made.. Fast forward to this day she has built big brand as a creative cake baker and people who spoke badly now praise her
So don’t give too much importance to what people tell, go with your passion!

3.Fear of making wrong decisions
When it comes to decision making I remember this quotes “whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”
Peter F Drucker
Yes agreed lot can go wrong while making decisions..don’t try to keep ideating as to which way to go, instead take in the data look at what others in industry are doing also ask a mentor or friend who has experience or business partner. At the start don’t test waters by jumping into it start slow keep taking decisions and measure the results and improvise

4.Fear of change
Not just entrepreneurs most of us fear change! We all want familiarity.. Our brains are hardwired this way.. But change is the only constant! Entrepreneurs must embrace change.. Adopt to new technologies that has come in market, currently the covid situation, businesses that adapt to this Will come out strong post pandemic! Etc.. As said it’s not the strongest or the fittest that will survive but most adaptable to change will!!

5. Fear of success
Yes you read it right!! As surprising as this sounds.. Some of the entrepreneurs shoot themselves in foot and avoid success.. They work hard for years and when they find success they can’t just take it in!! It has to do with mindset! Money, freedom, praises from family, friends and society etc.. Accept that you deserve success and overcome the fear

6. Fear of risk
As an Entrepreneurs risk taking is part of the game! Some have large risk taking capability and some other have less.. This is based on financial security and mindset!
As a new entrepreneurs with relatively less financial security it’s better to take less risk(more calculated risk) and build up from there. Keep ploughing back profits and establish as a big business

Conclusions: Getting stuck with or giving up on your goals due to fear is the not solution.. Overcoming fear and taking constant action despite fear is what makes entrepreneurs successful!