We all wish to be successful person!! Big houses, luxury cars, private jets, yacht etc. But this will just remain a dream for many!

Many people just dream big but all success comes from not just dreaming big but working hard and working smart.
I would like to quote “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” by Walt Disney

Here are some of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs
1. Disciplines
Every successful entrepreneur or any other successful person would have mastered working on things towards their goals irrespective how hard it may seem initially.. Be it wake up at 5am and sleeping at 1 am next day or committing to eating healthy foods and exercising regardless of how delicious the yummy brownie is at the cafe.. They would do or start the work before they are ready!! So self discipline is crucial for any success especially entrepreneurs

2. Being flexible
As the famous quotes says be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods. I would like a take the analogy of football, successful player is not afraid or bothered by how many opposition or obstacles he faces he will always be aiming to hit the goal by tackling opponents.. Same thing goes to successful entrepreneurs they are not bothered by how many obstacles they face they always come up with methods or ideas that work and come out a winner! They may change their plans to get to the goals they always dreamed off

3. Honesty
Successful entrepreneurs stand by their word. They do what they promised to do.. In fact they over deliver on the promises.. This build trusts among employees, customers and other people with vested interests.. Many entrepreneurs makes lot of promises but don’t keep their word or stand by it which makes them inauthentic and unsuccessful

4. Persistence
Successful people in all endeavors have this quality of being persistent they keep trying until they get what they dreamed of or planned .. This is especially important for entrepreneurs.. Because lot of things could go wrong and may not work according to plan.. But to work despite all odd by improvising, learning and applying the things learnt, testing things out is what matters. Here is the famous quote by Winston Churchill “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

5.Action oriented
Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of failing they in fact see this as lesson or learning and keep trying things they learnt.. They know taking action is what separates them from 99% of people.. We all know we should be exercising daily basis but not many of us do.. It’s better to work on your goals for 1 hours than to plan for 1 week.. So in order to be successful take massive action towards your goals

6. Clarity
Finding passion is one thing or one side of the equation but to break it down into actionable steps with great clarity is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest.. They know exactly what needs to be done,by when it needs to be completed to achieve the goals they dreamed off or planned.. They balance both short terms goals and long terms goals..

7. They are passionate
Successful entrepreneurs are passionate and love what they do.. They are not just in it for money,unlike most ordinary people would work only for money. While ordinary people work 40 hours a week successful entrepreneurs are willing to put 80 or 90 hours a week because they enjoy doing the work

8.Problem solving
Most entrepreneurs get anxious when things don’t go by their plan they get caught up with it and fail to solve the problem in hand.. Successful entrepreneurs may have already contemplated certain things may go wrong and have made alternatives plans for it. Also they have very high capacity of solving problems.. All entrepreneurs encounter problems but successful ones solve them and find unique way of doing things..

Conclusion : they above shared are some of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs which can be learnt and adopted to be successful as a entrepreneur.