Every business needs customer to function and grow.. Customer are vital for any business for survival and growth!
Despite with so much technology and ease it is difficult to find customers without right strategies.

There are various digital marketing agency and platform working to find whole lot of customers for their clients!

Make sure customer acquisition cost is kept low and life time value of customer is high!

There are various ways to find and attract customers.. What works for one business may not work for others..

Strategies for customers acquisition can be made after taking into lot of consideration like type of business, marketing budget, competitor strategy, location and many more

Here are few strategies for customer acquisition

1.Define your target audience
Due to social media you can target any specific group of people.. Based on age, gender, Income, habits,interests etc
Example: Say you are selling shoes for teens and young adults who are runners , which can be targeted to same or you are selling uniquely designed home locking system, you can target home owners to buy those!!
So defining target audience clearly is the first step.More the clarity in defining the target audience the better the marketing efforts will be !

Video is fast emerging as popular medium of marketing and advertising.. All stats point out that use of video increase engagement and will help with conversion into sales… By 2022 82 % of all internet traffic will be video ,so use video as a strategy for customer acquisition.. Example: if it’s a physical product make a video demonstrating it or if it’s a service make a explainer video of unique benefits and features and what value you are delivering!!

We believe or influenced by what our friends and family say.. (people who believe what we believe) Say you have done 1 hour of research on buying a product and your friend comes in says other products is good ,you instantly decide to buy that(popularly said by Simon sinek ) .. This is because we trust our friends and try and act similar to them (this acts as a social proof!)
So encouraging referral by providing incentive for the same.. Your current customer are your unpaid salesman.. Tap into this and increase your customer base
Example: Dropbox adopted referral strategy and grew big

4. Influencer marketing
Similar to the previous point influencer marketing is fast emerging as go to medium for increasing engagement, sales, brand awareness etc.. So tap into right influencer and grow.. There are various platforms and agency you can connect with to get help on the same! They help with finding right influencers for your brand, measure campaigns, roi, brand awareness, engagement etc

5.Use content marketing
They say content is the king and context is the queen provide valuable content with right context for free. After providing lot of value make sure you set up a funnel (sales funnel as its called) to get them to buy a product or service! unlike before customer now needs to know more about the product or service and if its of value to them and solve their problems!

6.Email marketing
It’s a highly effective method to ask and attract customers!! Sending emails of products and services to email list which is collected at the landing page is good strategy, this helps with acquiring new customers and engage old customers to retain them.. Sending Emails to new prospects and old customers about discounts, offers, promotions or new add on products etc will make your business stay in front of them..(more eye balls)

Conclusion: try few of the above mentioned strategies or all of them to acquire more customers for your business