Have you been to store where employees provide you service just because they have to do it and don’t have heart in what they do, and treat you like a cash cow.. Well we all had such experience(s)

It turns out you didn’t go there next time, even if they have good enough products or services am I right?

Good customer service goes long way in business

Here are some pointer for improving customer service

1.Getting customers feedback
If you are not willing to take customer feedback and take necessary action to improvise your product or service or any aspect of your business you will be out to business soon.. Treat Complaints from customers as assets. Make sure its easy for customers to drop(give you) a feedback!

2. Listening to customers (Good listening skills)
Active listening or good listening is a skill that needs to be developed.. Many of us start to talk breaking the flow while others are speaking and there by miss key points or information what the other person wanted to convey.. So train employees to actively listen to customers and make them feel heard , any query or problem is taken into account and dealt with or addressed. This goes long way

3. Customer support (24/7 *365)
As the business scales and grows and you have customers form different time zones it’s better to have customer support staff who work 24/7 in shifts.. I have seen many businesses are now opting for chatbots to handle basic customer support and transfer to individual when need be or you can also use in built feature in app to ask for customer support.. For example my internet service provider has made it possible to get assistance (customer support) via app at any time. And make sure customers query or problem is addressed at the earliest..

4.Personized or customized message to each customers
By sending customized message to each customer or may be send hand written note, after they buy your products or services they feel valued and much appreciated.. This helps with customer retention and they in turn tell their friends and family about the great service you offered and increase word of mouth referrals

5.Make sure all your staff is trained to be friendly with customers.. Having a warm gesture helps in building good relation with customers

6.Offer discounts or other special bonus for loyal customers
Give free products or offer to do free service for long time customers Or deep discounts etc.. They will remember this nice gesture(helps with retaining customers) and share with family and friends and they in turn act as a unpaid salesman for your company!! (word of mouth marketing).. Example: if you sell clothes offer loyal customers big discounts on latest and trendy clothes

7.Exchange products if damaged
If the product get damaged while shipping, by all means exchange it.. Also pay for shipping charges for returning back from customers place.. Even though it’s a loss this goes long way in establishing your business as a good brand.. In order to minimize such losses take up insurance..

8.Accept if you make mistake
This helps in building human side of your brand.. We all make mistakes sometime by admitting and correct it comes of as authentic and builds trust..
Example: say you over charge customers at your resorts, admit you made a mistake and send them a free drink or the delicious Chocolate cake

9.Over deliver
By giving more value for the price charged helps in building long term good customers relationships.. Example: Say you are a personal fitness trainer who charge say x amount of money for 3 month after the end of period throw in few free sessions or slash 20 percent off for signing up next time

Conclusion: the points or tips shared above will help great deal to improve customer service, there is more to it. Remember customer is king of the market !