One of my friends wanted to hire a employee after searching for one he said most of them is looking to entrepreneurs these days.. It’s good that people take control of their lives by tapping into their passion and make money

Without much further ado

Here are steps to validate…….
1.come up with a idea.. Preferably the problems you overcome or itch you stratched.. May be you are runner who is not satisfied with the shoes out there or you are businesman who travels a lot and you see new app that can help you

2.after coming up with the idea do research to test your hypothesis or initial idea.. Search Google.. Check whether their is market for the same.. After satisfactory results

3.Ask your friends and family about it.. If this say shoes is good fit.. Will It solve a problem in the market or the travel app.. After getting good feedback

4.after initial research and friends and family think it’s a good idea. Research more and.. Make a prototype and find 10 buyers

5.Explain usp benefits and feature of product or service to these 10 buyers.. Take pre order money and make the product or launch the service and sell them ask them for inputs and feedback.. Take those and improvise on product or service and next step find 25 buyers.. Explain fetures and benefits.. Tell them you have improvised the product.. Take money for pre order and sell them.

repeat step 6