This is a much talked about topic.. Here are my tips for finding passion! Keep trying things out…. After trial and errors passion finds you!! Some are lucky they find passion early on in life!! but many of us aren’t.. May be travel to some place you always wanted to go ,that might spark a interest!! Read books you wanted to read!!watch a video like this đŸ™‚ Explore What you enjoyed as kid.. that might provide some pointers!! Do it cause you love it… If you love travel don’t be accountant and try to be travell twice a year.. If you love numbers and analysis that do it by all means.. But if you love travelling and exploring (new countries ,cuisines, culture)be travel blogger or vlogger!!.. You love to cook start off by opening a food truck and expand from there!! As famously said if you find your passion you don’t have to work a day in your life!! There is book on in called ikigai read it.. It helps to find your purpose in life!! Don’t chase the money.. Make money come to you buy providing more value!! Your friend is a investor and making ton of moeny you don’t be one just for the money!! Let me know in comments what are your thoughts on finding passion!! Hope you find your passion soon!!